Rose CD


CD/LP, Kitty-Yo Int. 2003

Tracklisting CD

01.06:04Kate Moss
02.05:14I Am Falling Now
03.04:17That’s What You Do
05.04:33My Story
07.02:50My Love For You Is Insane
09.05:34Never-ending Days
10.06:20My Friends

"The brilliance of this CD lies in the tragedy it evokes with each track, leaving a rather haunting after effect [...] This is music that reveals a person's raw emotions, a person that’s been stripped naked and left vulnerable."

"Maximilian has become more daring especially with his lyrics, very personal, exposed and denuding they've become, poetic and sensual."

"Time was hard in the studio, for six weeks I constantly had to look into the deepest corners of my soul."