I’ll Be a Virgin ... CD

I’ll Be a Virgin, I’ll Be a Mountain

CD/LP, V2 Records 2006

Release dates

September 22nd: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, South Korea, Hongkong
September 25th: Benelux
September 27th: Scandinavia
October 23rd: France
December 4th: UK


01.04:08Snow White
02.02:41No More Lies to Reach You
03.04:04Your Stammering Kisses
04.03:33Velvet Son
05.04:11Silly Lily, Funny Bunny
06.03:59I’ll Be a Virgin, I’ll Be a Mountain
07.03:11Wilted Flower
08.03:08Messed-up Girl
09.02:41The Saviour
10.03:13You Came to Me When I Was Born
11.06:26Feel Like Children

Bonus CD

01.04:27Long Ago I Knew Someone
02.01:17She Came To Be Easy
03.03:17Fade Out
04.03:07Messed-up Girl (Band Version)
05.01:38Johanna, Du Bist Rein
06.11:07Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands

Produced by Guy Sternberg. Orchestral arranging and conducting by Doron Burstein.