Mirage of Bliss CD

Mirage of Bliss

CD, Blue Soldier Records/Gold Typhoon Music/Leeway/Love Da Records, 2012

01.The Whereabouts of Love

In a room suffused with light
I spend my hours waiting
Waiting for the nightfall
And I wonder if my life
Is blissful or appalling
If silence is my laughter

I hone my heart down to the bare bones
Down to the pieces that are needed to survive
And spend my life cruising on my own
As I don’t care about the whereabouts of love
The whereabouts of love

Is reclusiveness a curse
Or could it be a blessing?
A wall against disorder?
While it shields me from the rain
It causes me to dry out
And counteracts my blooming

Let me out but soon back in
Back to what I’m used to
This flawless isolation
Do you wonder if I sound?
Oh tell me, can you hear it
The silence of my laughter?

I hone my heart
Someday I’ll
I hone my heart
Someday I’ll
I hone my heart down to the bare bones
I need to survive
And spend my life cruising on my own
Cruising on my own

02.Head Up High

I hold my head up high
To face the wind and rain
And your stormy traits
I believe in love
But not the one you lose
When the sun don't shine

I hold my head up high until the day I die
For raindrops hold the answers that you seek

Don't believe in all the tragic of this song
I'm just trying to clear this mess called love

And I rely on you
Although I know it’s true
That we gave up here
And I wish that your storm
Could wash it all away
And delete the past

I hold my head up high until the day I die

03.Treasure Trove

When I left here in the morning
I could see a bright sun rise
I was sure to face the dawning
Of a new age of my life

Soon I reached a forking on this passage
Sad to say I chose my common route
Rather than just heading for the village
I decided for the shady woods

I am wandering, I am straying
I will always do
I am wondering if I ever will arrive at theirs

Then I had this crazy mental image
And I had these hazy, puzzled thoughts
That the woodland will become a village
If I just keep walking on my course

I’ve lost the way that leads me to you
No treasure trove if I keep going there
Gotta find the path that leads me out of
Out of the grove

04.Silent, Lucid Flashes

Harboured in my arms
Sheltered from the downpour
You can cease from trembling

Savour of the rain
Flavour of your wet skin
Silent, lucid flashes

But time took these moments away
But it’s time that will furnish them with blaze, oh yeah
When you turned up in the hallway
Soaking wet and beaming with delight

You will find salvation in someone else’s heart
Even so I’ll long for our momentary closeness

05.Mirage of Bliss (part I)

You start to glow and to sing
Oh my siren with outlandish wings
Blindly I bow down to kiss
And to cherish this mirage of bliss

Let me drown in golden oceans of daze
Let me fade in the distortion of my craze

Turning my eyes towards this elf
I can’t sight anything but myself
Joyfully trapped in her claws
I am dying to wander off course

So I’ll dive in your waters of doom
Just pretending to float in your womb

06.The Time We Shared in Blaze And Laughter

If I honoured my feelings of urge at your counter
And if I asked for an overpriced touch
What would you give me?

If I portrayed my notion of care on your canvas
And if I painted our future in gold
Would you wipe it?

You keep finding realms of shades
With fiendish pleasure
To rule out our love

So glance into my soul
Into this hole
Into my mind that’s crying out for you
Down to my heart
To see every part
That has been torn out and then thrown away

If I reckoned the time that we shared in blaze and laughter
And if I numbered the days of our love
Would you miscount?

07.If Only I Could See

If only I could see
What you mean to me
To leave you in the dark
And almost break your heart!

If only I could prize
What you gave to me
I’d stand up from this daze
To hand it back to thee

All I raise is bewilderment
And I don’t want to cause you pain

But I’ll be losing in the end
I’ll be longing anyway
I’ll be crying for a friend

If only I could find
Where my ardour sleeps
I’d wake it and make it shine
And down the road I’d reap

If only I could say
The words you long to hear
To wipe your tears away
And share our lives, my dear!

All I raise is entanglement
And I don’t want to cause you pain

And in the silence of the night
I have lost you out of sight


Craving for you
Begging you to leave
Oh I don’t know where else to turn my head

But if you’re beyond the range of my vision
Longing comes round and rises up into the sky


Somewhere deep inside me
Buried under fears and apprehensions
True care’s sleeping
Waiting for the dawn

Trying to stay when feeling I should quit...

So I will set out somewhere down the road
Will back out from confusion
Strive to beat this dullness of my heart

09.Why The World Has Turned For Us

I’ll breathe the air of ease tomorrow
Giving in to what I am
But I will leave your world in sorrow
And though I’d like to stay, I can’t

You’re holding on to dreams of silence
Still our heads are full of noise
I will leave your world in grievance
Trying to set out, girl, with poise

So why the world has turned
Why the world has turned
Why the world has turned for us?
Why the world has turned
Why the world has turned
Why the world has turned for us?

I’ll praise the sunlight of my daybreak
And cheer the glow of the unknown
I will leave your world in heartache
But I must face this life alone

All these years I’ve failed to wonder
What’s missing in my life
Now I feel like going under
When leaving you, my dear
As well as staying here

10.Mirage of Bliss (part II)

You start to sing
Oh my siren with wings

Blindly I’ll kiss
And I’ll cherish your ancient eyes
Your sun-withered tongue
Oh your lakes of gloom
I’m trying hard to wander off course
Just to numb my void

Oh let me drown in golden seas of daze
And let me fade in tortures of my craze

Turning my eyes
Towards the light of your sighs

Joyfully trapped
I am dying for ancient eyes
Your sun-withered tongue
Oh your lakes of gloom
I’m trying hard to wander off course
Just to numb my void

11.The Forsakenness of Raging Love

You, my love, with your weary smile
That’s filled with shining void and sultry heartache

You will fall into evil’s hands
Unless you follow me into forsakenness

The forsakenness of raging love

We could rave in quiet embracings
Tear our hearts out
Crush each other
We could leave the worldly sphere
And dive into unconsciousness, my love, my love


Still I haunt the realm of shades in all its shining colours
While I’m singing and dissolving

My obsessions, they are symptoms of my being weary
Of my dazed life, of the silence

The sun is pouring down on me, and if I didn’t sing out
Oh for my life, oh for my death

It almost seems as if I’d drown in its golden sea of sunbeams
Till it’s over, till it’s over

Trapped in no-man’s-land between my old life and the new world
Can’t escape it, can’t escape it

Giving in to suctions with a fragile, fiendish pleasure
When I’m on it, when I’m on it

And yet decay is glowing and announcing a new era
And a new world, oh a new world

If I could perceive the new life, sense it and outguess it
As a tender silver lining

Until the curtain draws in front of my eyes...

The sun is pouring, it’s pouring down on me
And if I did not, didn’t sing it out
Oh for my life, oh for my death
Oh for my death

13.bonus track: 你…可不可以

當你經過 我掏空自己 留在原地
你可不可以 就讓你的心 跳進我心
當你唱起 憂鬱的歌曲 泛起笑意
你或許會 用你的旋律 將我抹去
你的美麗 自我中心 將我一切 都當作風景
請你看我一眼 我的深淵
散落了 獻給你的破碎
當我昏睡 我的喜悅
才會在 夢的潮水浮現
當你嘆息 我化為流星 葬送谷底
你或許會 瞇起你眼睛 裝作忘記