Infinite Love Songs CD

Infinite Love Songs

CD/LP, Kitty-Yo Int. 2001


Touching flowers with your scream
Meeting sweets
She smiles like cream
When your hair hides melting grace
Worn out minds won't touch your face
I am leaning far, too far above the ice
So I’ll feed my hands with cheeks of other names

I am lying under tons of porcine snow
Polyester absorbs me

At last my parents cried
About my green and my last white
Now my darling goes to him
She will dare her cross's skin

I’m using gloves

02.Sunburnt Days

Show me your coat and I’ll resist
For all the girls that I have kissed
They owned and stood there for a day
Sang grateful songs and slipped away

Blazing suns
No disgrace
My shirt is blue
I love your face
Hide your cheek with dirt
Come and wear my shirt
Sunburnt days

I feel the gales that from ye blow
A momentary bliss bestow
As waving fresh their gladsome wing
You breathe a second fancy spring

One year ago I dried your eyes
No sounds, alas! these were no lies
Gay hope is theirs by fancy fed
The tear forgot as soon as shed

03.Green Night

I came up to see you in the garden
When you taught all the birds to sing
In the time of dancing lights I was an eagle
And you were so close to me

I feel my heart is breaking
I think I lose my head
I’m singing all the love songs
And never go to bed
I’m walking in the sunshine
I’m walking in the rain

I don’t care about nothing
And I will get insane

So I’m leaving
I am breathing
I have nothing to lose

04.The Days Are Long And Filled With Pain

The days are long and filled with pain
We’ll throw our lives away again
I’ve never seen in my whole life
My worst friend’s sugar baby wife

Now my life is gone
Won’t you try to hold me tight?
‘Cause you’ll be me and I’ll be out
What will I find inside my head?

The sun is gone

But there’s still light down inside my mind
There’s still a lot for us to see in this life
Today you slipped into my head
I’m waiting for you inside my bed
There ain’t no sense in feeling low
I need more when you ever have to go

Some might say that I walked through that door
All my dreams are made of stupid whores
Some might say that I fell from the sky
But I have got a pillow in my eye


I can’t cry when it hurts me so
There’s no light in my eyes
I can’t leave when you take those pictures
Of me with my pale and sad face

Oh when will the light fill my eyes
Will your hands touch my cheek
And everything is white?

06.Cold Wind Blowing

Cold wind blowing
Cold ice snowing

Light blue longing
My heart stops running

There’s no place to hide


My life is flowing anyway
My dreams are flowing anyway
And all the things that I have said
And all the fears inside my head

My girl, don’t leave
I’ve got the sun in me

And you will love me anyway
And you will leave me anyway
Those cut down pieces on my way
Those dark blue skies turned into grey

My life is ending anyway
Now that I’m dreaming of the day
When I felt you, your being sad
You could not leave my dirty head

08.Flower Four

All that grief in my teeth
And all this running for love
No, I can’t stand anymore
That your sweet eyes don’t watch me

And I believe in no gods
But what leads me to you?
And so I’ll start to love your face
And in the end I will love you

So I’ll play just this song
And maybe I’ve been wrong
So I’ll play just this song
But what if you are gone?

So take me home

09.Like Them

The thoughts are leaving me today
My head is leaving me today
The sun in bloom, it breaks my eyes
Around my smile just blackened lies

I don’t know why I can’t cry
I don’t know why I can’t feel

Like them

Their hands are reaching out for me
But I don’t care. I let them be
Just like they are, just like they fall
I’ve got no wisdom. I’m so small

10.Infinite Love Song

I walk around alone inside
I walk around alone at night

Breathing your light
Holding you tight
Rain on my way
Rain made my day

I can feel you
I can see you
I can love you
I can leave you

Where are the days when I was young?
Now I’ve got to face reality
I’ve got to face the pain

11.Let Me out

I cannot breathe
Without you
Cannot walk
Without you

There is no ending of this life

Let me out

My head is gone
It flies with you
Although it’s dark
Although it’s cold


And today
I will kill myself
And today
My heart will stop running
And today
I will leave the world behind me
And today
I will lose you forever

And today, yeah
Oh today, yeah
Oh, today the world is mine

Mother hold me
Hold me tight

I will leave you