Infinite Love Songs CD

Infinite Love Songs

CD/LP, Kitty-Yo Int. 2001

Tracklisting CD

02.05:18Sunburnt Days
03.04:10Green Night
04.04:11The Days Are Long And Filled With Pain
06.07:21Cold Wind Blowing
08.03:06Flower Four
09.04:39Like Them
10.04:47Infinite Love Song
11.04:53Let Me Out

"Maximilian has one of the most astonishing voices to grace any album this year, all wounded and quivering [...] and he contorts it expertly across all sorts of deft desolation [...]. In short, 'Infinite Love Songs' is an album that could go on for ever. Outstanding."

"In a long list of precious, fragile, heartbroken artists to emerge in the last two years [...], Mr. Hecker whispers the most precious and fragile heartbreak of them all."