Two-toned Love (part I) CD

Two-toned Love (part I)

Digital, Blue Soldier Records, 2023

01.Two-toned Love (part I)

Run your heart out
And hold your fire
And find your hatred in your desire
And hide your love
And lose your head in the clouds

Win me over
And hold me under
And fly your fences while you wait and wonder
And drive me away
And pull me into your heart

And breathe your last
And breathe a word of mouth-to-mouth and head to toe
And blow away your allies and your foes

So leave your lover and see your fool in love
And take him in and out
And feel your way back
And declare your two-toned love to the boy with the foolish heart

Drown your tears
And dry your sorrow
And find your voices while you lose your morrow
And try your hardest to take your ease and be scared