Spellbound Scenes of My Cure CD

Spellbound Scenes of My Cure

CD, Eat The Beat Music/Leeway/Avant Garden Records/北京龙在飞传媒文化有限公司, 2015


01.To Liu Wen, The Opposite House, 3 a.m.
02.Love Hotel Hill
03.Gangnam Misery
04.Untouchable (Kastrup part II) - featuring Rachael Yamagata
06.Pearly River Gates
07.Battery Park
08.Aoyama’s Glow

All songs written by Maximilian Hecker. All songs performed by Maximilian Hecker except for bass guitar, baritone guitar and most electric guitars by Johannes Feige. Female vocals on »Untouchable (Kastrup part II)« by Rachael Yamagata. Grand piano on »Love Hotel Hill« and »Untouchable (Kastrup part II)« recorded by Matthias Hartenberger. Rachael Yamagata’s vocals recorded by Pete Hanlon.

Produced by Johannes Feige and Maximilian Hecker. Mixed by Tommi Eckart, assisted by Nicolai Rohrer. Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering, Amsterdam.

Short films directed by Maximilian Hecker.