Headstone CD

Headstone · Untouchable

Online release, Blue Soldier Records/Leeway/Highnote/Want U Music, 2019


When leaving the scene of my fall
You’re choosing the words on my headstone
While waiting in vain for your call
I’m carving the words in my headstone
I’m running my head against the wall

When turning your back on my grief
You’re closing the lid on my casket
And you’ll be a liar and a thief
When stealing away from my deathbed
When leaving me in disbelief

And I will go under and I will go blind
I will endure everything that I’ll find
And I will surrender
And finally, oh, I will come back to my mind

And now that you’re well out of sight
I’m slowly retrieving my beauty
I wonder who gave you the right
To hold down my life absolutely
To keep me away from the light

02.Untouchable (Kastrup part II)

I will leave my ways on the coldest days
I’ll stop to care for you
I will be a child in embracing nights
I’ll start to glare, my love

I will leave your shade and drop your weight, my love
I will freeze your sway and be untouchable

I’ll run away
Will you understand?
I’ll reach beyond your world
I will cry your name
And I know I’ll miss my aim, oh my love
I will go unheard

I’ll deceive you
I will leave you