Fool CD


CDM, Kitty-Yo Int. 2003


Fool, I love you
Ooh, how I love you
Fool, will you stay or get away?
Fool, will I have your love someday?

So come here and let go
Come here, my love
So come here and be mine (and let go, my dear)
Come here, my love

All my longing
All my singing
Can, oh can it change the world someday?
Can, oh can it make you come and stay?

The days are endless without your eyes touching my heart, healing my wounds
Heaven knows how I have suffered
Heaven knows I just can’t wait for you

02.That’s What You Do

I want you
I need you
I love you, girl
With all my heart

I want you
I need you
I love you, girl
I love you

But you don’t want me
You don’t need me
You don’t love me
You don’t please me
You don’t care for me and walk away
That’s what you do