Favourite Demos

Favourite Demos

Online release, Blue Soldier Records, 2010


01.Green Night
02.Cold Wind Blowing
04.Infinite Love Song
05.I Am Falling Now
06.That’s What You Do
07.My Story
09.My Love For You Is Insane
10.Never-ending Days
11.My Friends
12.Daze of Nothing
13.Yeah, Eventually She Goes
14.Snow White
15.No More Lies to Reach You
16.Your Stammering Kisses
17.Velvet Son
18.Silly Lily, Funny Bunny
19.I’ll Be a Virgin, I'll Be a Mountain
20.The Saviour
21.You Came to Me When I Was Born
22.Feel Like Children
23.The Space That You’re In
25.This Poison Called Love (Home In a Town That Has Sunk)
27.All These Cradles’ Blankets Will Never Veil My Whole Substance

All songs written, performed and produced by Maximilian Hecker. Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering, Amsterdam.

Maximilian Hecker about the album:

The release of »Rare And Unreleased« and »Favourite Demos« represents the fulfilment of a long-held wish for me. After constantly being confronted in the studio with the question of whether the brash lightness of a song’s initial (home-)recording could also be achieved on a second, professional take, on my last album »I Am Nothing But Emotion, No Human Being, No Son, Never Again Son«, I decided for the first time in my career against making a professional studio recording of the new material. This led to the surprising result that in all the album’s imperfection, it suddenly no longer appeared imperfect as a whole. This success is the occasion for now presenting the self-recorded demo versions of 27 songs from my first five albums, as well as twelve non-album tracks that were recorded under the same circumstances, most of which have never before been released in Europe.